• We reward our students’ outstanding achievements, innovations, and academic excellence by giving them a sense of appreciation, pride, and motivation. We present our academic, social, artistic, and sports achievement awards at our yearly ceremony attended by families and community leaders. Additionally, our Special School Awards given to socially responsible students who help others and strive to make a difference is a motivating factor. This process, which instills self-confidence and contributes to their personal development, also plays a vital role in determining their future goals.

    Albert Levi Achievement Awards

    According to their weighted average score, the school administration determines students who qualify for the Albert Levi Awards. Students receiving this award participate in camps or summer school programs in Israel, Europe, and The United States.

    Incentive Scholarship

    From the 5th grade onwards, incentive scholarships are given to students at the top of their class. Students in 1st place receive a 30% scholarship. Those in 2nd place receive 20% while those in 3rd place are awarded 15%. Incentive scholarships are given for the period of one year.

    Merit Scholarship

    According to their secondary school diploma grade, students graduating from Ulus Jewish secondary school and choosing to continue on to Ulus Jewish High School are given merit scholarships. The student with the highest GPA receives an 80% scholarship, 60% is awarded to the student in 2nd place and 40% to the student in 3rd place. The Merit Scholarship continues throughout high school, given students meet the success criteria.

    Depending on their 8th grade LGS result, students receive an 80%, 50%, and 20% success scholarship according to the score ranges determined by Ulus Jewish High School. According to the success criteria, the Merit Scholarship continues throughout high school.

    Sami Eskinazi Awards

    This award is given to a student who graduates from UÖMO Middle School and continues their education at Ulus Private Jewish High School by obtaining the highest secondary education placement score in LGS (High School Pass Exam). This award is also given to students who scored high the on the AYT university entrance exam science test, students who graduated from Turkish-Mathematics or Social Fields and were in the top percentile in their field according to the AYT result, and students who achieved the highest Turkish score on the TYT portion of the university entrance exam.

    Yusuf De Eskenazis Mathematics Award

    This award is given to the student who achieves the highest score on the AYT university exam mathematics test. 

    FKD ILC Award

    Of the 5th grade students in the Intensive Language Class program (ILC), the student with the highest Cambridge KET exam score is given the FKD ILC award.

    FKD Academic - English - Hebrew Award

    The valedictorian receives an academic award that will contribute to the student’s education at university for four years. The English award is given to the student with the highest four-year average in English. The Hebrew award is given to the student with the highest four-year average Hebrew.

    Salvo Özsarfati Awards

    These awards are given to the students who represent our school successfully in tournaments organized in the Besiktas district of Istanbul Province in Turkey and compete with good sportsmanship.

    İzi Erbeş Culture and Art Awards

    Every year the students who write poems and compositions, draw pictures and make original works within the framework of a certain theme are appreciated with these awards.

    Graduates School Honor Award

    Graduates School Honor Award is given to a respectful, responsible, hardworking young person who abides by the rules of the school, who represents his school in the best way , and who has a high sense of social responsibility. The award is given to the student selected by the votes of his teachers and by the Alumni Association.

    Alumni Association Young Entrepreneurship Award

    Ulus Boot Camp is open to students of other schools, the winner among the students of Ulus Jewish Schools is awarded by the Alumni Association as young entrepreneur.