• The Ulus Jewish High School Foundation, which considers education to be an environment and a set of opportunities in which students develop spiritually in addition to academically, was established in 1994 by about 150 founders.

    With a corporative culture that attaches importance to 100 years of education and students, the UÖML Foundation board members have a contemporary outlook, find solutions to problems, love lifelong learning, are self-confident, use foreign languages effectively, express themselves freely, take active part in national and international projects, and constantly research to raise individuals who have developed a sense of identity, who protect their history, culture and values, who are equipped to follow their dreams while planning their future, and closely follows the developing and changing educational models in the world. It develops strategies to create financial resources and gives goals to the school administration.

    It carries out studies on the renewal of the physical appearance of the school, promoting the quality of education and school success, and equipping classrooms with new technology.

    It is among the priorities of our academic staff, who educate our students for the modern world, to regularly attend training and keep up to date with innovations and opportunities.

    With scholarships, the foundation develops projects to provide educational opportunities.