• Open Letter to Our Alumni

    Dear Graduates,

    When you graduate from your school, every one of you leaves good memories behind.

    It makes us proud to see that you carry your legacy from the past to the future at the graduation ceremony every year.

    At the same time, we are experiencing the sadness of being separated from you.

    But we know you will return to relive your memories, to embrace your friends, to be with your teachers, and to sit in your old seat.

    Ulus Jewish High School is your home.

    Do not forget that each of you has a special place for us.

    Whenever you come, you will always be a host, not a guest.

    All of Our Alumni are Members of the Alumni Association.

    We established a platform to stay in touch with our alumni network, which exceeds 2,500 both in Turkey and abroad.

    Log into the website Fonzip.com with the e-mail address you have given us to update your information. Current information is very important for us to reach you. Our biggest goal is to strengthen each other and to support our students academically.

    We Meet at Our School in March Every Year. We are waiting for you, too.

    We chat and refresh our memories, just like in the old days, at our Alumni Day meetings, which take place once a year with a pleasant Sunday breakfast. At the plaque and certificate ceremony, we enthusiastically applaud the anniversaries of our alumni’s graduations. Our school was founded in 1914 and has guided our society with thousands of graduates and has determined the future of our children today.

    Above all, we are proud of being members of the Jewish High School family.


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    0 212 282 96 00 Ext: 154