• Environmental Sustainability aims to conserve natural resources, stabilize ecosystems and minimize environmental impacts. This includes energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation and the use of renewable energy. Tikkun Olam is the value of making the world a better place to live, and in this context, awareness-raising activities are carried out.

    1. Energy Efficiency:
      • Organize education and awareness programs to increase energy efficiency
      • Promote energy-efficient devices and lighting
      • Utilize renewable energy sources such as solar energy
    2. Waste Management:
      • Establish recycling programs
      • Implement waste reduction strategies
      • Collaborate with the municipality for effective waste management
    3. Water Usage:
      • Adopt systems that promote water conservation
      • Organize awareness campaigns for water conservation
    4. Education and Awareness:
      • Develop educational programs on the topics of sustainability
      • Provide students, teachers, and staff with the information on sustainability
    5. Environmental Protection and Habitat:
      • Undertake projects to protect and enhance natural areas around the school
      • Avoid activities that harm the ecosystems