• “Having an education in an environment where the child feels safe, valued, and understood ensures that the child’s self-confidence is established on a solid foundation. It also allows him to recognize himself as a healthy individual over time.”

    In our kindergarten, we create the basis for our children to grow up as curious individuals, ask questions, and improve their thinking skills by experiencing and applying. Our children become individuals who enjoy exploring while producing.

    Our pre-school academic staff, who are educated with this main philosophy, have high communication skills, are cheerful, compassionate, open to innovations, and dedicate themselves to raising good people.

    Our teachers and guidance counselors carry out the program; we receive consultancy from leading psychologists. The program’s core principle is for children to understand their emotions and express themselves clearly and differently.

    In addition to observation in determining essential skills for school preparation, readiness, school maturity, and age characteristics, scientific tests are supported and applied.

    Family – School communication is our priority in the development of our children.